Sunday, December 14, 2008

cuppy cakes!

Thank You kak Alia

huhu, yeah! ntah la, tak tau kenapa, banyak je benda xbest jadi minggu ni, adoii., dugaan-dugaan, sabar je la, hehe, Dah! lupakan semua tu! buka citer baru, hehe, yeah! Dalam banyak2 benda tak best jadi, ada je benda yang happy! huhu, ni nak cerita sikit, aritu ada meeting je kat campus, then masa meeting, ada org call, "ubenn! dtg dpn library, aimi nak bg something, suprise! huhu," huh? apa yg kejutan ni.. adoii, malas la nak teka-teka ni, huhu, so, apa lagi, datang je la sana, sampai je sana, huhu, tadaaa! ben, ni kak lia bg kat ben, buka la, huhu, ohhhh, comelnya, hahaha, xpernah ni dapat somthing dari org, huhuhu, kak lia bg sbb bday dia, aikk, patutnya saya yang kena bg dia, ni terbalik plak, hahaha, neway, thnx sgt2!!! huhu,

p/s : 2 gambar ni last amik before camera hilang.

Dugaannya part 2

Dugaannya - hilang semua memori!

NIKON D50 kesayangan HILANG!!!

Banyak gyler kenangan dengan camera tu, hmmp., teringat masa mula2 pakai, xreti guna pun.. trip pergi cherating 2 tahun lepas dengan kawan-kawan tersayang @ 'family' time tu baru belajar amik gambar, happy gyler kot time tu.. excited main dengan camera. Camera tu juga la yang banyak sangat berjasa. Picture gig2, and Camera tu la yang digunakan untuk saat2 manis masa pergi UK; Kugiran hujan ke UK foundation. Arggghhhhhh!!!! Diharapkan ada hikmah disebalik apa yang berlaku.

Semalam, bangun je tido teringat camera, terus tengok bawah katil, buka je beg, tapi.. camera dh xde.....


Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy ada LOVE

Love is Fun

It doesn’t matter who you love, or how you love, but that you love
by Rod McKuen

And when love speaks, the voice of all gods makes heaven drowsy with the harmony.
by William Shakespeare

Where love reigns the impossible may be attained.
by Anonymous

Fortune and love befriend the bold.
by Ovid

Love is blind; friendship tries not to notice.
By Otto Von Bismark

Love is tickle around the heart that you can’t scratch.
by Anonymous

Love isn’t here or there, it isn’t happy, sad, good or bad. Love is just love
by Anonymous

To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance
by Oscar Wilde

Love waits for one thing, the right moment
by Anna

Love is the compass of life
by Peckroy

I'll be loving you forever. Deep inside my heart you'll leave me never. Even if you took my heart and tore it apart, i would love you still and forever..

Mood : Loved ;p

Assignment 1


Malaysia Truly Asia


My Postcard


The Making.. Assignment 1

Yeah! This time we learn how to do a SIMPLE,EASY and COOL postcard. Huhu, Lets free and rilex your mind, i will bring you to the world of CHILL editting, huhu, jom!


Lets we continue the last post work ; project charter assignment 1 ( 80% progress of my new postcard)

My first idea

hmmp.. i want to make this picture more cool and 'CANTIK' ;)



Join this two picture. Click eraser tool then erase the picture make it like this :

Then, i create the stroke of this picture. With this border, the picture will look more neat. i choose white.

click rectangular morquee tool then select the picture, mae sure the feather you put 50px. Then, you right click and choose fill, apply to white color. tadaaa! huhu,


I drag the three of my picture that i choose from website to the background picture and put on the white fill layer. Lastly, i put the visit malaysia image to create the mood of truly malaysia.

Next post.. My final outcome.. YEAH!! zasssss!



Artwork 2

Assignment 1

Assignment 1 Title: Printout Postcard for the theme “Malaysia, Truly Asia”.

Project Start Date: 20 November, 2008.

Project Finish Date: 28 November, 2008.

Project Manager: Abu Suffian b. Abu

HP: 0122838662



Project Objective:

Students are to create a multi-cultural event for a post card. The theme would be “Malaysia, Truly Asia” which is the official slogan for Malaysia Tourism. Students are to show the multi-cultural aspects of Malaysia culture or life as a positive feature to attract tourist into this country.


Write down how you create the postcard?

Adobe Photoshop is the best software to all people who want to learn,improve and make some experimentation and play with their imagination on pictures. Adobe Photoshop CS2 is my place to learn and show my skills.

Using what images?

I used my own images in my portfolio and combined with the high resolution images that I took in website and some of cool photoblog.

What tools at Photoshop you use to edit the images?

Some basic tool : crop,lasso,clone stamp,eraser,burn,gradient map, and horizontal type tool.
Favourite touch up : curves,hue/saturation,levels and color balance.

Write here about the idea of your postcard.

This assignment really give me a golden chance to learn and show my skills and some technique that I learn in the tutorial class. I used my own idea and mix up with some idea that I found in the internet.To make the postcard look like a professional design, I made a research through internet and go to tourism malaysia official website.

Roles and Responsibilities:

1-Understand the title of the assignment 1.
2-Make some research about Malaysia Truly Asia

3-Find and search the cool picture of the Malaysia Truly Asia

pictures from my photoblog

pictures from website

4-Edit all the images that i want to use.
5-Consult with tutor & try to improve and make a last touch up

* Before i start my assignment 1, i did the sample of the assignment 1 by my own. After i done 60% of my assignment, i show my sample to Mdm Lydia to know either my sample is 'OK' or need some adjustment. After consult, she said that one of the picture that i used i as a background in the sample is not match with the theme. So, i decided to change the picture and still stick and maintain of my idea in this postcard.

Original/First IDEA

peace of Malaysia

60% of my work in this cool postcard

Below are the 80% progress of new my postcard :

Wait for the new face of my postcard! huhu,

6-Print out the postcard
7-Submit the Assignment

Comment: I enjoy using Photoshop to completed my assignment. I also happy because i can come out with my own idea and can show my own pictures as my artwork in this assignment. The main reason i want to use my own picture because, i love the color of the picture and the two picture that i used in this assignment is the best picture in my portfolio. Thank to Mdm Lydia who gave me the nice and cool comment about my first idea.


Artwork 1


Yeah! My first tutorial exercise. Here is the first tutorial i did by following the steps in the video clip giving as a guide.

Footage Files for Exercise Tutorial 1 :

My Starfish Fantasy

The Making of Starfish Fantasy :


STEP 1 :

Firstly, open up the image skycrapers in the files archive that we downloaded from the tutorial session into the photoshop.I put the guide in the center of the picture to draw a shape. Then , i make it as a gaussian blur.

Drag the Starfish file into the other picture.

STEP 2 :

After drag the starfish into the picture, i use ctrl+t to transform the starfish in a different size. The first starfish i transform in a big size and copy to make it into the small size. Then, use the gaussian blur to show great depth of field.Next, the front starfish i use radial blur to make the different effect of the starfish. Apply mask layer and delete the part which need to be focus on the starfish. There, u can see its look like a real starfish falling down.

STEP 3 :

This step, drag the plasma tv and select the blue part and apply effect Filter>Sketch>Halftone Pattern.

STEP 4 :

Drag the plasma tv image to the building image, and resize the picture to have a great position in the building. After that, i creat the shadow of the plasma tv image to make it more realistic.

STEP 5 :

Final step. I use polagonal lasso and create a line of the shadow. Then use this effect, Filter>Blur>Gaussion Blur & adjust the Opacity.


This is my final result in my artwok 1.

Learning Outcome :

basic understanding of photoshop tools and features of using the skills of selections and controlling the tools by using shortcut key and image size handling and using the Save as option to save the image.



Ohh.. Apa la nasib..

Hye semua!!! dah lama gyler tidak update blog. Arghh, ini disebabkan sangat busy dengan aktiviti study di cyber, huhu, ohh.. dah start skola mcm ni la jadinya. huhu, Disini, nak kongsi sikit masalah-masalah yang terjadi sepanjang menuntut ilmu di cyber, haihhh, macam-macam sebenarnya, happy ada, kecewa and sedih pun ada. Tapi, kita kenalah redha dengan ujian yg diberikan oleh allah., mungkin ada hikmah. huhu, ( gyla la ayat.. haha) Arghhh, malas nk citer panjang-panjang, apa kata pendek kan sikit je, hehe, saya mula dengan berita happy dulu.. syukur alhamdulillah proses tukar major course from management with multimedia ke media innovation management telah berjaya dengan suksessnya. huhu, lama tu nak tunggu benda ni setel, tapi bila dh setel, uishhh, lega gyler, huhu, and 2nd.. berita sedih dan mengecewakan adalah, apabila semester baru dh bermula, saya dengan perasaan excitednya dan suka dan bersemangatnya nak start sem baru dengan semangat baru.. tapi, dugaan telah melanda, sem baru start saya register 2 subject, sbb short sem, nk chill skit amik dua, tapi... apabila dah enjoy dtg class, seronok buat homework, seronok buat assignment, dan segala kerja telah completed dengan cemerlangnya, and markah assignment pun dh dapat, ohhh, masa tu happy gyler, biasalah, dh start happy dengan course baru.. tapi bila week 4 dh start, abis je lecture, ohh, nama AbuSuffian xde pun dlm list.. ehhh, mana pergi? ishh, risau ni, ben, u better pergi e.r.u, tanya kenapa your name not on the list, go and check! arrhhh, malas btol la benda2 ni jadi, ish, geram, so... keesokan harinya.. pergi jumpa staff and tanya, kak, knapa nama saya xde dlm list subject? hmmp., tau x apa dia ckp., uben, kakak dh check, subject CG2 uben xleh amik, ben kena amik CG1 dulu, then baru bole amik CG2, so, sistem ni dia auto drop subject uben, ARGGGGHHH! What the F**K!! sume benda dh buat, tapi, last2 xleh amik! xkan satu je subject this sem? arghhhhhh!!! tu la dia, macam-macam dugaan bole datang, kadang-kadang benda ni kita tak bole plan, kalau masalah-masalah ni nak datang, dia datang juga, so, kita kenalah sentiasa berdoa kepada allah agar dipermudahkan menghadapi hari-hari yang bakal datang ni, huhu, pandainya saya cakap. huhu, So, untuk tidak menghampakan perasaan diri sendiri, saya nak post kan artwork-artwork saya yang telah saya siapkan dan assignment yg telah saya hantar dan print dan dapat markah. Huhu, JOM!!! Mari kita tengok post atas ni! ZASSSSTT!

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UK version part - 2


UK version part - 1




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